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When you first meet someone new, what are the first things you choose to say? 

You start with their name, and then you find common ground – the things you want to talk about, but angled in a way that’s interesting and relevant to them. If you’re talking at them, without relating the conversation back to their situation or letting them get their say, they won’t want to be around you for much longer. 

All marketing is a conversation between you and your customer. So don’t limit this attitude to just in-person communication. You can approach your video marketing campaigns with this strategy – and interactive, personalised video lets you do that. This technology lets us finesse your video campaign messages to speak to each customer individually – allowing your friendship status to blossom from acquaintance to best mates.

In short, personalised video technology uses customer data to create a unique video for each viewer, created on-load through cloud-based software. It selects and combines the scenes best suited to them, taking into account their name, location, purchase history, and much more. These details can also be directly integrated into the video through text, motion graphics, or voice-overs. Combined, this creates a video experience that is targeted, individualised, and impactful for each viewer – not just a handful of aggregated customer personas.

We’re excited to announce that Mude is rolling out this technology across client campaigns throughout 2019. Here’s why we know that this tech is set to revolutionise the way you communicate with your audience in 2019.

The Benefits

1. Call them by their name – increasing engagement

You’ve all heard it – video content is the most engaging way to connect with your audience. The problem is that your ad needs to pack an impactful punch, or else it will be gasping for air in the crowded sea of online video. 

This is where with traditional video advertising, you’ll put in the hard yards to make your video one-size-fits-all – as widely applicable as possible to potentially millions of perspectives. And with the help of some top-notch creative, this can be done really well. 

But with personalised video campaigns, you can use customer data to create an experience that’s catered for each and every individual. The last thing any person wants to sit through is a video ad that has zero relevance to them. Personalised video weeds out any chance of irrelevance. 

Our technology uses the customer data you provide to select the perfect scene combinations, insert personalised graphics and text, and adjust voice overs. Its lightning-fast AI compiles your campaign in real time, to ignite a spark of interest that will make your viewers dodge that skip button.


2. Get new insights into customer behaviour 

You’ve spent now-questionable amounts on video creative, production, and editing. Put finesse into crafting the perfect caption. Boosted your post to approximately the population of a small country. And yet, it just doesn’t stick with your audience. “What do you want?!” You scream into the sky. 

Stop wondering. By investing in a personalised video campaign, you’ll gain the insights you need to understand the behaviour of the human behind the screen – not just a number in an Excel file. 

During and after your campaign, we’ll provide you with detailed information on how your viewers make choices during the video experience. Based on location and other demographics, you’ll see exactly when your content is pushing conversions and click-throughs, and when viewers lose interest.

To a marketing department, these stats are liquid gold. You’ll put an end to the horror of expensive marketing initiatives based on not much more than a guessing game. Chasing down your customers’ love, only to lose it when you realise that they want something else – a little too late.


3. Agile, cost-saving campaign, optimise as you go renew and refresh

Once you yell “It’s a wrap” on a traditional video set, the options for adjustments die an immediate death. You’re permanently confined to the limits of one edit to get the results you want. And after hitting publish, there’s no going back. 

But things change in business, and throughout the world. If your content is irreversibly final, you might find yourself with unfixable problems when things don’t go according to plan.

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a PR disaster that birthed from an unpredictable news event, that could have been avoided with a few tweaks to the script. Maybe you’ve updated your branding, but now all your past content campaigns are inconsistent. Or maybe you just want to rip it up and take a new direction based on feedback and analysis. 

With traditional video, none of this is possible. If something’s not quite right, your only options are to:

  1. Live with it and see the campaign through.
  2. Frantically delete the video, hope no one saw it (they did), and pretend it never happened. 

In a personalised video campaign, you have the shelf life of a jar of honey. You can tweak away to your little heart’s content, forever, if you’d like. Because the final product is constructed on-the-spot for each new viewer, it’s completely agile to change. You could update your branding, adjust your tone of voice, or even add or take away scenes. It increases your campaigns’ relevance, longevity, and in turn – your ROI. 

The Mude Approach

1. We provide human talent, not just automated motion graphics 

Remember when we asked what you’d say to your customer one-on-one if you had the chance? Why waste that chance with the video equivalent of an unwanted text message? 

This is how the world sees personalised motion graphics and text-based video. To develop a real relationship with your audience, you’re going to need more than some text that pulls up their name through data. The spam emailers from Uzbekistan and Instagram follower-building bots are already on top of that. To seem less machine-like, you need to speak through a human megaphone.

For a viewer, hearing another person say your name (rather than reading it), is perceived as much less algorithmically generated – even though it still is. We’re dedicated to providing all video clients with quality human talent when and where they require it.


2. We approach every video project as filmmakers first.

So, thanks to personalised video, you and your audience are now on a first name basis. But no one wants a friend that’s overbearing, or only hits you up when they want something. That’s why your personalised video message shouldn’t be as simple as overtly screaming, “BUY OUR STUFF”. 

Instead, you should use the opportunity to nurture a brand-to-customer relationship through storytelling, emotion, and connection. Mude’s creative team is here to help you get there. 

No doubt; we’re all in the business of conversion through click-throughs and targeted views. But just because you’ve thrown in heaps of boost cash or nabbed the best celebrity talent, doesn’t guarantee a successful video campaign. You need to put the same amount of effort into a video campaign as you would a blockbuster motion picture – or else your audience will see right through your facade. That’s why we approach every video project with a filmmaker’s perspective – considering quality first, and marketing optimisation second.  

This doesn’t mean we’ll sacrifice your marketing KPI’s to make a self-indulgent art piece. We approach reaching your business goals through quality storytelling – interesting dialogue, unique camera shots, and innovative editing techniques. We’ll create something that’s worth watching, and then personalise each video to resonate with your customer’s life and experiences.

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