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We directed and produced four video testimonial videos with all-original music for interior design and construction company, Acacia Projects. As a result of the campaigns’ success, we were asked to engage in a second creative project with Acacia Projects.


Acacia Projects have been offering top-tier design and construction workmanship for more than 30 years. Acacia sought our help to build their strong reputation up even higher, alongside the big leagues of their industry.

We were tasked with elevating Acacia’s brand image through video. Our final product needed to shift their core audience from local SME’s to larger corporates along the entire East Coast.

To do that, we needed to communicate the quality of Acacia’s fit-outs, whilst providing social proof through interviews with past-pleased clients. We pitched the idea of a testimonial-based campaign – a series of client-endorsed hero videos, to star on Acacia Projects’ website home page and social media platforms.


The most effective form of advertising is something your brand can’t control or quantify - word-of-mouth. Its modern descendant, the video testimonial, is one of the highest converting tools in marketing. We set out to build trust with potential customers through video testimonials, so they’d have Acacia at top-of-mind when the time came for their office glow up.

In order to shift Acacia’s target market, we needed to establish what demographics to appeal to. From our market research, we identified Acacia’s new ideal audience to be a middle-aged Australian business owner or office manager, looking to refurbish their corporate workspace. They’re looking for a quality and friendly experience, have a strong focus on company culture, and may have an office dog named Sammy. Because of this, we chose to show off Acacia’s highest-level client work, to effectively engage potential leads of the same calibre.

Collaborative, agile, real and effective are Acacia’s four brand values. These naturally informed the tone-of-voice of the campaign. We’ve all seen late-night infomercials that are so obviously staged, they’re pretty much an anti-endorsement. A testimonial is worthless if it feels scripted or disingenuous. Our number one goal was to capture real thoughts from Acacia’s clients. Because of this, working to a script would have been counterproductive. Instead, our pre-production team prepared a list of questions aimed at sparking interesting responses.

“What were your top three priorities for the refurbishment?”
“How did you work with Acacia to deliver the vision?”
“Why would you recommend Acacia Projects?”

These open-ended questions led to high-value responses that felt authentic.

Because of the number of videos in the campaign, it was important that we maintained a cohesive visual style. In pre-production, we crafted a repeatable structure - a consistent opening and closing sequence, defined colour-grading, a sequence of similar shots for each video. This guaranteed the entire campaign felt harmonious and on brand, although we actually shot the project across many months.

Across four half-day shoots, we filmed testimonials across Canberra and Sydney. To meet the production value expected by Acacia’s new target audience, we shot each testimonial with cinema-grade 4K video cameras. Shown off through buttery-smooth slow-motion video, we made sure the hero of the campaign was Acacia’s fit-outs.

Back in the editing studio, we selected the cream of the crop from hours of footage collected. We overlaid the best quotes with stunning details of the space.

But really, how inspiring is footage of creative workspaces without an electric soundtrack? All-original music was produced by our resident Music Producer, Taka Perry, whose modern beats complimented each space’s atmosphere. The visual beauty of these transformed spaces speak for themselves, but we amplified that voice with the power of music.


Through the power of video testimonial, we empowered Acacia Projects to win bigger projects with bigger businesses. The campaign was more effective at engaging prospective clients than any written content could manage. As a visual industry, video testimonial marketing is an essential tactic for any design company looking to build trust, credibility and showcase real stories.

Following the success of this testimonial campaign, Acacia Projects engaged us for a second project - an engaging and informative explainer video that draws together the best quotes from the campaign, fit-out showreel footage and a scripted voice over. Mude and Acacia look forward to continuing this partnership into the future.

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