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All Gay Weddings provide Australians with a same-sex friendly wedding services directory, in one convenient online location. All Gay Weddings approached Mude to develop and execute the production of a video advertisement and accompanying music to use across social media.


The goal was to build brand awareness for the platform, showcasing the availability of same-sex marriage services in Australia, in light of the recent change of laws. The Same-Sex Marriage debate and decision process took a strong emotional toll on the Australian LGBTIQ community. That’s why it was our ambition to produce a video that achieved both the desired marketing goals, while also giving a smile and a laugh to the target audience. It was important that we took a sensitive approach towards the target audience, whilst making All Gay Marriages appear approachable and available for all wedding needs.


In late 2017, same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia to the joy of many. The nationwide debate leading up to this moment was long and tiresome for the LGBTQI community. Discussions between families, friends and colleagues were sure to elicit strong emotional responses from both sides of the debate. But after the government sent out a postal vote to survey the Australian public on the issue, the results revealed an overwhelming ‘YES’ vote for equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. All Gay Weddings entered the market shortly after. Consultation with members of the LGBTIQ community was an important step towards being approved of by the target market. These consultations led the creative direction towards using the topic of discrimination in the community front and centre, in a satirical way.

The video directly references the famous incident where a florist refused to sell their product to a same-sex couple for their wedding. We took this sensitive topic and flipped the perspective on its head. Max, the brilliant talent, gave an outstanding dialogue delivery and provided us with the authenticity required to make a video around a minority group. Our script referenced high-profile media moments in the same-sex marriage debate, in a tongue in cheek, verbatim way. These comments might have originally caused distress for the LGBTIQ community, but in the positive context of the video and decision, All Gay Weddings appeared engaged and knowledgable to the target market. After all that distress, the community needed to poke some fun at the experience.


The final product effectively brings together the prejudices faced by the LGBTIQ community and twists them on their head. It acts as both a marketing tool and a humorous, sharable response to the legalisation. Through our advertisement, All Gay Weddings got word out to Australia that same-sex couples can locate the services they need to make their dream day truly incredible – minus the discrimination.

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