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Cluster 8 is a limited release, high geared beer created by Canberra craft brewery BentSpoke Brewing Co. We provided the creative direction and produced a promotional video with electric original music needed to launch Cluster 8 with a bang.


BentSpoke Brewing Co is an AHA award-winning brewery based in Braddon ACT, who’ve created 18 varieties of powerful beers and ciders. BentSpoke approached Mude in the warm up to launching one of their highest-geared beers in a limited release across the country.


Their objective was to brew awareness around their new product and extend their brand awareness amongst current fans and beer lovers. With a focus on painting their brand as fun, unique, and world-class, we were challenged to create a social launch video that captured these characteristics, promoted their product, and exceeded their marketing goals.


For a beer described as a super resiny, fruity, pine and passionfruit experience, bragging a punchy 8.8% ABV, it was only fitting we produced an advertisement that was just as powerful as the flavour.

To achieve that, we wanted to zoom in on Cluster 8’s boutique brewing process. The Mude production team headed to BentSpoke’s brewing factory to get up close and personal with the operation. In smooth slow motion, we captured the entrancing magic of fresh ingredients passing through the system, transforming into an overflowing schooner, cold and ready for sipping.


By pairing a powerful original soundtrack with some drool-worthy hero shots, our promotional video for Cluster 8 gathered 8,500 organic impressions and engagements across socials. It left the limited Cluster 8 a highly demanded commodity for all beer enthusiasts across Australia. The Great Australian Beer Spectacular (GABS), hosted a national poll to celebrate the “Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers”. BentSpoke won big, taking out 5 spots in the top 25, with Cluster 8 coming in as Australia’s 12th favourite craft beer of the year.

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