One of the coolest briefs a client can give an agency is, “Make me a beer ad”. Mude created a comedic brand film for BentSpoke Brewing Co to show off their partnership with the Canberra Comedy Festival and reposition their brand image.

  • video production
  • motion graphics
  • music production

“This particular BentSpoke ad is all about the sound. As you know, the sound of a BentSpoke can is unique, and we really wanted to bring this to life. The film, the vision, the sound was fantastic, and just the creative juices just flowed."

Ian Muir
Bentspoke National Sales Manager


BentSpoke Brewing Co is an award-winning Canberra-based brewery. One of their key priorities was to promote BentSpoke as the Official Beer and Cider Partner of the Canberra Comedy Festival 2019 – and because of this, it had to give viewers a good laugh. 

But Bentspoke approached us with another goal – to reposition their brand to engage a younger drinking audience. They had the vision to renew their long-formed image from a small Canberra craft brewery into one of the nation’s favourite beers.


The challenge of the video was to expand BentSpoke’s audience and adjust its brand identity. Their target audience was made up of Australian hobby beerists between the ages of 30 to 40 years. From market feedback, we saw that BentSpoke was viewed as a serious brewing company, and lacked the fun and approachability of some of its competitors.

the bentspoke crack

Whether it be a Crankshaft, Cluster 8 or Red Nut, what makes a BentSpoke beer unique is its bespoke can structure and iconic *crack* sound. We took this unique feature and ran with it, coming up with the idea that the sound of BentSpoke’s iconic crack has a supernatural ability to unite a group of mates, or even a whole neighbourhood.

This concept informed everything from the storyboard, to motion graphics design and original music production.

music production

To Mude, music isn't something you throw in from a stock website at the end of your production. It’s a part of the DNA of your video and your brand’s identity. To highlight the BentSpoke crack, we sampled a BentSpoke can crack as the basis of the driving, rhythm-heavy drum kit.


The BentSpoke Crack made its debut at the Canberra Comedy Festival and social media, to resounding calls of “Now I want a beer and I don’t even drink!” from the public. (Really, check the comments).

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