One of the coolest briefs a client can give an agency is, “Make me a beer ad”. We were given the opportunity to direct and produce a promotional video for BentSpoke Brewing Co, to show off their partnership with the Canberra Comedy Festival and reposition their brand image. We achieved this by telling relatable Australian stories, using young comedic talent, creating all-original rock music, and more.

  • video production
  • motion graphics
  • music production

"This particular BentSpoke ad is all about the sound. As you know, the sound of a BentSpoke can is unique, and we really wanted to bring this to life. There has been lots of great communication, both verbal and through email, about exactly what we're both trying to achieve out of the project, but at the same time it also been quite flexible and we have been on-set trying to get the best outcome for both us and for Mude. Mude have been fantastic. When we first engaged with them it was with our Cluster 8 ad which we filmed in the Cannery. The film, the vision, the sound was fantastic, and just the creative juices just flowed."

Ian Muir
Bentspoke National Sales Manager


BentSpoke Brewing Co is an award-winning Canberra-based brewery, who won the hearts of the people in GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers 2018 - with 5 of their beers landing slots in the top 25. One of their key priorities was to promote BentSpoke as the Official Beer and Cider Partner of the Canberra Comedy Festival 2019 - and because of this, it had to give viewers a good laugh. But Bentspoke approached us with another goal - to reposition their brand to engage a younger drinking audience. They had the vision to renew their long-formed image from a small Canberra craft brewery, into one of the nation's favourite beers.

The challenge of the video was to expand BentSpoke’s audience and adjust its brand identity. Their target audience was made up of Australian hobby beerists between the ages of 35 to 40 years. From market feedback, we saw that Bentspoke was viewed as a ‘serious’ brewing company, and lacked the fun and approachability of some of its competitors. We disagreed. So we had to communicate through our video that Bentspoke was the exact opposite - full of life, excitement, and the definition of a good time.


In our brainstorming session with the BentSpoke marketing team, we noted that we had to create a product that positioned BentSpoke as much more than just a craft beer. We needed to craft the Bentspoke experience - the unforgettable nights when all your mates are over and you’re having a bloody good time.

These brainstorming sessions are essential to our creative process. It ensures both the Mude and BentSpoke teams are on the same page - sharing the same awesome vision at every stage of the production.

If you’ve ever cracked open one of BentSpoke’s fine beverages, you’ll definitely remember the unique can structure, as well as the sound it makes when opened. We dreamt up the idea that the sound of BentSpoke’s iconic crack has a supernatural ability to unite a group of mates, or even a whole neighbourhood. This informed everything we created, from the script and art direction to the music production and motion graphics. Following our meeting, the Mude team refined the vision into a detailed Creative Brief. This document lays out our strategies on the tone of voice, style, music, and the proposed script.

Like any memorable beer ad, we wanted to make a film that was catchy, entertaining and a little obscure, engaging a younger market using good comedic timing. At the same time, we knew we couldn’t alienate Bentspoke’s already established audience. That’s why we made sure the ad had talent that represented the more mature Bentspoke drinker, alongside our younger actors. We also used “Rip it Up” by Jet as our musical reference, to guide the energy of the video and give off a timeless Australian sound.

To appeal to 18-24-year-olds, we knew we had to create something entertaining. So, we took script writing notes from comedy and laid down a long joke set up, leading up to a hearty punchline. We stuck strictly to the “show, don’t tell” approach, reducing dialogue to keep the BentSpoke crack, music, and videography techniques the hero. This restraint in speech gave the final line a punch of added impact, as the only spoken words in the ad.

the sound

To Mude, music isn't something you throw in from a stock website at the end of your production. It’s a part of the DNA of your video and your brand’s identity.

Each and every section in the song was created with the parallel scene in mind. To highlight the Bentspoke crack, we made it a key feature of our custom music production. Our in-house Producer Taka Perry sampled a Bentspoke can crack as the basis of the driving, rhythm-heavy instrumental.

Every beat of the music has the absolute intent to enhance the story we told. The music builds and falls perfectly in sync with the actions in each scene. For example, the first time our main character hears the Bentspoke crack through the phone, the music drops out completely. It emphasises how mesmerised he is by the sound, sparking him into action, as he jumps off the couch to the neighbourhood gathering, where the sound is coming from.

With the music setting an energetic tone for the entire video, our creative team got to work developing an illustrated storyboard to pre-visualise every shot. From these storyboards, we refined and planned the shoot. Whilst this is a fundamental step in every Mude production, it was particularly important in this project. The video’s memorability and comedic impact stems down to how every step, scene change, and shot synchronises with the custom music.

In preparation for the shoot, we locked down the timing of each shot based on the music and storyboard in a Video Shot List. This way, we could present and confirm every shot of the video with Bentspoke’s team, before the cameras started rolling.

As the main sponsor of the Canberra Comedy Festival, BentSpoke gave us the chance to work with talented Canberran comedians, Miriam Slater and Anthony Tomic. With no dialogue until the final moment, their trademark physical approach to comedy was essential to drive the action of the video.

In the editing process, we wanted to take the BentSpoke crack and visualise it a step further. Drawing directly from the existing iconography on the beer cans, our design team animated the sound using motion graphics. Every time a BentSpoke can is cracked, the iconic sound is accompanied by Bentspoke branded shapes flying through the air.

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