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Mude was engaged as the official creative partner of the Chamberlain Foundation, coming on board to promote, document, and encourage donations to the 2019 Razor Ride fundraising event. We did this through a consistent social media campaign and heartfelt wrap-up video. As a result, the Chamberlain Foundation raised over $100,000 for their mental health beneficiaries and charities and increased its community engagement across their social media platforms.


Since 2015, suicide has remained the leading cause of death for Australians aged 18-44. That’s approximately 8 lives lost each day. The Chamberlain Foundation aims to change that. They’re an Australian charity established by brothers Ray, Peter and Brian Chamberlain. They’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars towards mental health initiatives and suicide prevention services across the country.

When Chamberlain Foundation came to Mude, the founders were struggling to stay on top of creating regular impactful content whilst balancing other full-time roles. But as we know, share-worthy creative that evokes people’s empathy is what encourages consistent donations and maintains community support for non-profits. Mude was tasked with helping them re-engage the community in their cause.

The Razor Ride is a mammoth 6-day event, with over 20 riders travelling 850 kilometres across rural Victoria. As most of their supporters couldn’t be there to see the journey in person, the event video had to communicate the magnitude of their ride and the impact of their individual sacrifices on Australians struggling with their mental health.

Not only that, but we were under an extremely tight deadline. Only 2 weeks before the event, we were under the heat to deliver a strong concept, promote the event, and plan shooting logistics.


Working closely with the Chamberlain brothers, our challenge was set: to capture an eight-day journey in a two-minute short film. We also promoted their cause through a social media campaign that encouraged their supporters to follow along for the ride.

To evoke an emotional reaction from our audience in this short time, we focused on capturing the reasons why the riders set out on this venture. It’s more than the number of days ridden, or the kilometres travelled. It was the people they did it for - their family member, friend, or fellow Australian facing mental challenges even greater than the physical ones they would confront on the Razor Ride.

The tone of the film didn’t suit a set script. We wanted to encourage thoughtful and genuine testimonials from the individuals we interviewed. Our pre-production team created a list of questions to ask the riders and organisers on shoot day. Our leading questions were:

“What motivates you to ride?”
“Who are you riding for?”
“What kept your pedals turning on the 800 kilometre journey?”

The responses we collected were deeply moving. These drove the emotional arch of the video.

Leading up to shoot day, the filming conditions were largely unknown. Production is always chaotic, but that’s especially true if you’re filming an event that takes places across 800 kilometres of mostly rural land. In preparation, we created an extensive shot list to visualising the footage we needed and organised interviews, run sheets and transport for the day.

Our video team were up against a bunch of cycling powerhouses, reaching speeds of up to 90 kilometres! We had to be resourceful and adaptable to successfully capture this fast-paced ride. This translated into strikingly beautiful shots from the air, point-of-view action sequences and sweeping wides of the Great Ocean Road, that draw you into their adventure.

On the kick off in Ballarat, time was of the essence to capture as many interviews and backstories as the team could before the riders left. Although pressed for time, the team was able to collect a wonderful establishing interview with director of the Razor Ride, Ray Chamberlain, and key riders who shared moving accounts of who they were riding for.

On day two, our production crew travelled almost three hours to meet the riders on the Great Ocean Road. The major challenge on this shoot was finding creative ways to capture the riders on tight and winding terrain. The team rose to the challenge and cleverly captured some amazing drone hero shots. The team witnessed the riders complete their momentous tour into the heart of Melbourne. Memorable footage of the riders’ relief and sense of accomplishment was the final link in our story’s chain.


To label this project as simply a ‘wrap up’ video is an understatement. This thought-provocative film takes its audience on an emotionally charged journey. Generating high, organic engagements across all of the Chamberlain Foundation social platforms, this film empowered the Razor Ride to raise an incredible $100,000 in funds supporting mental health recovery and suicide prevention nationwide.

A consistent and targeted social media campaign engaged their community with content that placed the focus on the people and stories behind Razor Ride. This campaign successfully put the participants' dedication to the cause, sacrifice and support for those around them, and positive impact in 1st place.

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