From planning to design and development: Mude helped the Discovery and Learning Department reimagine their approach to interacting with their audience through the creation of a bespoke web portal and virtual reality tour.

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"It has been a pleasure working with the Mude team in 2019 and the fruits of their labour have transformed the way our department interacts and relates with our audience. We cannot recommend Mude highly enough to any business looking to grow, transform & inspire.”

Christopher Maher
Canberra Theatre Centre

As Canberra’s leading performing arts destination, The Canberra Theatre Centre’s Discovery and Learning Branch found they were missing a central platform to host their operations. 


Discovery and Learning’s annual program was distributed to teachers around the country via a printed brochure. Our challenge was to direct the Departments operations into a multipurpose portal that catered to their audiences needs. Without a brand guide or even a logo for the Department, we needed to first create a brand identity for Discovery & Learning to inform the design of the user interface.


Our research and discovery phase consisted of a User Discovery Workshop and findings report. The in-depth workshop session allowed us to better understand our target audiences and the unique challenges they faced in relation to the Departments service offerings.


Designing wireframes allowed us to visualise the journeys of the three core user segments: Schools, Families and Industry Professionals, and ensure careful thought went into the information hierarchy, structure and functionality of the site.

This iterative design phase involved discussions and revisions on site components to better suit the Departments internal processes and booking availabilities for different audiences.

Symbols of Theatre

Mude’s Symbols of Theatre video played an integral part of the Discovery and Learning portal landing page. Our vision for the Symbols of Theatre video was about evoking a feeling, immersing users in the magic and mystique of the theatre. Our cinematic approach was all about colour and abstraction, capturing theatre objects in new and unexpected ways.

360 Virtual Tour

The highlight of the portal was our fully interactive 360० virtual tour of the Canberra Theatre Centre. Made up of over 150 unique view-points, users are able to autonomously navigate the theatre space and attain information via embedded digital labels.


The portal was successfully launched in 2020, and has since become an invaluable resource to CTC staff and its patrons. We’ve witnessed the portal transform the way the Discovery & Learning Branch interacts and relates with its audience.

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