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GymAware is the leading performance measurement device for weightlifters to measure barbell performance, velocity and power. Until now, GymAware was only available to the most elite athletes and sports teams, due to its price tag. With FLEX, Gym Aware is bringing performance tracking technology to the everyday gym-body. <br /> <br /> GymAware engaged Mude to create an impactful explainer video to launch their revolutionary new consumer-level technology to the world. <br />


Our challenge was to create a launch video that showed off GymAware for what they are – the customer-proclaimed “Rolls Royce of gym performance technology”, who’ve been helping athletes be their best for over 15 years. Their past video advertising output gave off a cluttered, unrefined message, scattered with corny animations and backed by outdated music, negating their image from the successful company they are.


GymAware is the preferred performance technology for the world’s biggest sports teams – such as Machester United, the Boston Red Sox, and the New Zealand All Blacks. We chose to emphasise this in the first 10 seconds of the script, to enhance the brand image. We created minimalist-style motion graphics that flip through the big-name sports teams that choose GymAware for their training sessions.

Our video kept a strong focus on the value that FLEX can provide to the average weightlifter. Both visually and through the commanding voiceover, the viewer is guided through each of the core value propositions that the technology provides - personal performance tracking, encouraging fitness communities, and making informed training decisions.

We paired close up shots of athletes using the simplicity of FLEX technology on the gym floor, with motion graphics that visualise the experience of using the accompanying mobile application. Instead of using direct screengrabs, we reduced the visual clutter in our motion graphics by creating simplified outlines of the most important elements of the app’s user interface. This highlighted what is most important - the precise weightlifting statistics that inform and change the way users train.

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