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Innovation ACT (IACT) is Canberra’s largest entrepreneurship learning program. Across 10 weeks, young entrepreneurs are given the chance to generate business ideas, collaborate, and then pitch for a portion of a $50,000 investment pool. We worked with Innovation ACT to create an engaging documentary-style narrative with intriguing sound design that captured the full event experience.


We were surprised to learn that IACT wasn’t documenting their event visually at all. Without a video to highlight the value of the program, they lacked an essential marketing tool that could encourage more participants and build their brand awareness. We were challenged with showing off the incredible value IACT provides to the budding entrepreneurs of Canberra through video.


As an initiative of the Australian National University, IACT offers university students with budding business ideas the chance to refine their idea into an actionable business plan, get mentorship from professionals in their industry, and network with fellow entrepreneurs.

We had a personal connection to the beating heart of the event. In 2015, the idea for Mude was born at IACT. It was essential that our final product emphasised that IACT is a core part of the Canberra innovation ecosystem. We aimed to excite entrepreneurs, create a strong narrative and viewer journey, and continue to spark interest for registration in future years.


We followed the journey of the participants to create a suspenseful narrative that began where the event finished; Final Pitch Night. Through original and immersive sound mixing and compelling visuals, we captured the emotional journey and how the participants and their ideas grew exponentially from the start to the end of the event.  

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