Across Australia, more than 60,000 kids miss school long-term due to serious illness. Because of this, it hurts their learning, disrupts relationships with teachers and peers, and diminishes their engagement for education. Missing School, in collaboration with St George Foundation and the NSW Department of Education, came to Mude to make a promotional video to announce their new initiative. To roll out thousands of telepresence robots in schools to bring sick kids back into the classroom, digitally. This allows seriously sick children to experience learning throughout their recovery, connecting them with their classmates and teachers through sight and sound.

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“Mude brings a lot to the table. Creative genius, decades-long experience in production, meticulous editing and finishing. It’s easy to see and feel your professional edge in the final product! Thank you for the work Mude did with us for publication by NSW Education, and ABC Kids. You managed to transform a range of complex elements into a beautiful visual narrative, that is both sensitive and provocative. Your work will help us create lasting change in school connection for students with serious illness.”

Megan Gilmour
2019 Telstra Business Women Awards Winner for the ACT, Missing School.


We created a brand advertisement video to help Missing School amplify their launch strategy. We were challenged to emphasise the happiness and value the technology can provide to teachers, students, and society as a whole.


We went on site to capture a school using Missing School technology to reconnect with a sick classmate. We caught the moment of joy when a sick child logs in, wakes the robot up, and begins streaming class to them, allowing them to control where they are looking, move around, and speak to the class.


Launched to the public through our promotional video across television and social media, Missing School were able to launch 75 telepresence robots in schools around the country.

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