Working closely with the NatRoad marketing team, Mude developed the “Members Like You” campaign - encompassing strategy, video, design, and music production. Our destination was clear - to represent the beating heart of Australian transport workmanship, and encourage other truckies to better their professional lives through a NatRoad membership. Our content reached over 45,000 organisations across the nation at major events and conferences to retain existing members and drive new growth.

  • creative strategy
  • video production
  • music production
  • graphic design

“One of the key challenges was filming our members that have never had a camera in front of them. The team are well equipped with techniques to overcome this and are always willing to lend a hand to help make the client feel relaxed. They create these stunning 3-minute videos which tell such an emotive story about that members’ history. These videos are always well received by the board, staff and the members of the organisation. The whole team at Mude are always well equipped with all the necessary tools and are very professional in all aspects of work. They ensure projects are completed within the time frame allocated and I would be happy to recommend them.”

Francis Waddell
Business Development Manager


As the backbone of Australia, the road transport industry is integral to keeping Australian businesses running. The National Road and Transport Association is a not-for-profit organisation entirely funded by its partners and members. NatRoad provide their members with representation and support across a variety of interests, such as legal advice, safety and time saving tools, ensuring that all roads lead to success.


Previous campaigns hadn’t succeeded in informing NatRoad’s prospective stakeholders about who NatRoad are and the benefits of working together. Through our research and discovery phase, we noticed that previous material had been developed ad hoc to fill in the pot-holes, rather than taking a holistic approach on achieving a professional position in the market.


A new approach was needed to attract members and stakeholder contributions. NatRoad’s primary objective for this campaign was to promote the benefits they provide to truckies by exploring testimonials from current members and real deal Aussies, alluring to potential new members.


Working collaboratively with the NatRoad team, we conceptualised the ‘Members Like You’ video campaign and messaging to appeal to both existing and potential members. We set clear campaign goals to provide insight along the way and post-campaign.

We knew we had to communicate the key benefits of being a member of NatRoad in an engaging way. To do that, we travelled to various locations in rural Australia to film and capture the individual stories of three different road transport industry businesses. Loading the trailers with our equipment, the road trip kicked off by rolling down the same highways and back alleys that members of the NatRoad association travel on their daily delivery routes. By immersing our video team on the same journeys that our clients travel, we were able to amplify the authenticity of our own storytelling.

Each business we interviewed had a unique history, relationship with NatRoad, and benefits they’ve gained from the partnership. Interviewing amicable owners, we gained insight into the daily operations and captured it all on smooth 4K video. Seeing their passion for their industry inspired us even further us to deliver a top-of-the-line product.


The campaign was purposefully designed to be distributed through NatRoad’s online marketing and advertising initiatives. Our material was also used in partner and CEO presentations, which reached over 45,000 organisations across the nation at major events and conferences to retain existing members and drive new growth.

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