We worked with OKRDY to completely redefine their brand and digital presence, through the development of a custom UI design for the iOS and Android applications. We also created a share-worthy brand video for OKRDY’s launch campaign, successfully introducing the up-and-coming brand into the competitive app market.

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“I've worked with Mude a few times now and have been impressed. Their attention to detail, professionalism and creativity really made a big difference to our content. I look forward to working with them again and would strongly recommend their services.”

Timothy Mackay
Founder & CEO


First impressions are everything. Professional networking tools like OKRDY help both young and seasoned professionals put their best foot forward.

OKRDY is a matchmaking tool for mentors and mentees to facilitate skills-based volunteering opportunities. The platform is based on mutual professional growth, for juniors and seniors alike.

The app allows young professionals to kickstart their career by connecting with seniors in their dream positions. At the same time, experienced professionals can engage with skilled graduates, showcasing their company's leadership and dedication to community outreach.

In the last twenty years, the professional networking market has become highly competitive, with LinkedIn leading the pack. For younger companies like OKRDY, finding your feet can be a challenge.

OKRDY were struggling to communicate their core messaging and voice through their branding, a problem that extended to their iOS and Android applications. Our goal was to harness OKRDY’s unique professional value, and build remarkable branding, an engaging app design, to form a strong digital reputation.


When OKRDY engaged the Mude team, their brand was already in place. Our role was to restyle the brand so it aligned closer with OKRDY’s voice and values.

We believe that memorable brands are more than a logo - they are a complete identity system. Every successful brand needs a rock-solid foundation so that people can become bonded to the brand, not just your services.

We worked with OKRDY to rearticulate their brand identity, including mission, values, target audience, tone-of-voice, style and value propositions. For example, we looked at the service offerings and simplified them down to an impactful tagline: “Connect with people in your industry, grow your career or showcase company leadership”, became, “Connect. Grow. Lead.”

With a refreshed understanding of the core messaging, our team set out to design a modern logo that would blow away competitors. We chose to split OKRDY’s brand in two - an inward facing corporate logo and an outward facing upbeat style for the mobile application.

This decision was made because of the information we learnt in the brand DNA workshop. The original black-and-white logo didn't suit the brand's digital marketing strategy, but it was still highly relevant for private communications with corporates.

To resolve this, we introduced a dynamic colour palette for the mentor-matching application, to promote an inspiring, youthful, user-friendly environment. We retained the black and white logo for internal communications, like tenders and professional documents - maintaining the corporate appeal, but only where it was needed.

We defined this in a comprehensive brand identity document and style guide, to ensure the entire OKRDY team could maintain their first visual impressions into the future.

Crafting a User Interface

Once OKRDY’s brand was rock-solid, we were ready to develop a captivating mobile UI for professional matchmaking. During the research and discovery phase, our team dove deep into market research on OKRDY’s direct and indirect competitors. This helped to shape the point of difference for OKRDY’s UI in comparison. It also allowed us to identify the UX issues and strong-points in competitor designs, for us to either avoid or embrace.

Careful thought went into creating an app that held our audiences’ gaze. We worked with OKRDY to achieve a detailed user flow, user profile elements, gestural interactions and ways to gamify the application. It’s one thing to get a user to download the application - but to get them committed to using it regularly is another challenge entirely. That’s why we introduced gamification in core elements, to encourage users to be active in the application. Gamification is the design technique of using gaming principles (away from the PS4) to improve a user’s engagement.

This is visible in the apps approach to profile entry and the mentorship completion process. For example; in the mentorship component, a user ‘graduates’ once they complete a mentorship successfully. The mentor can then endorse the skills of their mentee and leave feedback using a custom score system. A reward system was created; by completing a set number of mentorships, users receive a badge of honour, visible on their profile card; e.g., a Gold Badge indicates 20+ mentorships completed. Through the use of gamification and engaging UI design, the team was able to significantly enhance user participation, the number of successful mentorships and the quality of mentor matches - generating a valuable experience for users.

A brand video was the perfect way to introduce OKRDY to the market, and begin the process of building social capital and proofing. Video advertising is a high conversion marketing tool we exploited to launch OKRDY on social media and the professional community.


We helped OKRDY refine and leverage their brand identity. Since the launch of the impactful, user-centred mobile application for iOS and Android, OKRDY have connected hundreds of growing professionals with industry mentors. With a brand video to boot, we successfully launched OKRDY into the competitive world of professional networking with confidence.

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