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Record TIME is a mobile docketing invoice system for business owners and their teams, designed to replace pesky paper systems and reduce time staff spend chasing paper docket approvals. Built for any industry looking for a smarter solution to paper docket systems, their current users come from construction, hospitality, transport, and civil contractors. <br /> <br /> Mude was brought on to help get the application ready for the job site. We designed an effective user interface ready for development, and created a humour-filled explainer video to help market just how much time could be won back with Record TIME.


The platform’s original UI design was under-developed and lacked an engaging interface. The target user base is extremely time-poor, so ease of use and seamless transitioning between tasks was important. These users needed the ability to quickly switch tasks between worksites, job purchases, or logging timesheets, without getting confused.

Although the Record TIME idea was excellent, the platform needed a user base. But they didn’t have a strategy to promote the product and communicate the key benefits it offered. We came on board to help give their idea the user experience and marketing collateral it deserved.


We approached the redesign with a focus on ensuring the mobile application provided an easy experience for any user, young or old. In our assessment of the original UI, we identified a lack of intuitiveness, clearness, and consistency in visual clues and pathways.

To solve this issue, we first dressed up the visual appeal, implementing a clear layout and user pathway. Beyond that, we chose to design a quick tutorial, to introduce users to the application on download. This made sure all users would understand how to use the app immediately. We sketched, wireframed, and following revisions, we ended up with a final product that served the purpose - to let businesses manage their invoicing and docketing with complete ease and speed.

To help get the word out, we created an explainer video that mixed elements of live-action and animation, clearly targeting the construction industry - a sector whose workflow is seriously behind the times. We wanted to explain Record TIME’s concept in a fun and engaging way.
That’s why we used humour to present a situation relatable to the target audience in our script. Managing a large team of contractors, a construction supervisor sees a horde of building contractors running to get their paper dockets signed, just as he’s trying to leave the worksite.

Because most people already own a smartphone, Record TIME was the clear superior solution, allowing him to send and approve invoices and timesheets in just a few taps. It gave our lead character something back that he doesn’t have enough of - time. We scripted, storyboarded, filmed, edited, and produced the sound design for this video project.


Alongside the newly refreshed brand, Record TIME was able to successfully launch the application with an inviting new user interface. We brought design assets from the UI into the screen animations seen in the explainer video. A combination of animated motion design and live-action video formed an explainer that was effective and informative for distribution across social media and the website.

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