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Sydney based strategic market research and planning consultancy group Ruby Cha Cha approached Mude in need of a website makeover. The goal was to rejuvenate their public appearance and woo their target corporate audience with new confidence. We created a bespoke and fun website solution that showcased Ruby’s unique brand personality, communicated their value, and nudged their market positioning to the sweet spot.


Ruby Cha Cha’s previous website was ineffective in communicating its industry expertise and service value. Through the design, we needed to redefine and reposition Ruby’s brand, which was disconnected from the target audience they wished to engage – a mixture of CEOs, customer insight managers, and marketing managers. We were challenged to engage entrepreneurial thinkers and driven managers, in both the B2B and B2C markets. To do this, our final product had to communicate Ruby’s unique charisma and fun energy, whilst strongly highlighting their value – that because of their insight capabilities and experience, Ruby Cha Cha can get to know customers better than any competitor.


Through consultation with Lumiverse and Ruby Cha Cha’s marketing director and CEO, we analysed the Brand DNA, client profiles and content plan to inform the user journey and website mock-ups.

Ruby Cha Cha had already established a well-oiled lead generation machine through their old website. This was something our design and development teams needed to keep firmly in mind. Updating the website demanded the precision and finesse of a plastic surgeon to ensure that the established SEO system wasn’t paralysed.


As a brand that many other companies rely on for in-depth and reliable market research, it was important that Ruby’s website offered an accurate portrayal of their professional-yet-quirky personality. This is what differentiates them from competitors in an often stale industry. We enhanced Ruby Cha Cha’s digital presence into a product that makes them feel beautiful and presentable once again, putting their best foot forward in the marketing research and consultation industry.

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