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Established in 1978, SEARCC is a confederation of over 200,000 South-East Asian IT and computing professionals. Fast forward 40 years, and the Mude team was tasked with modernising SEARCC’s logo, brand style guide and website to thrive in the 21st century.


We worked with the SEARCC Secretary-General, Executive Officer, and CEO of the Australian Computer Society to reinvigorate SEARCC’s brand. The challenge was making the core decision – to rebrand or to refresh? A logo is a universal symbol that transcends borders of language and culture. It has to scream what your brand is, usually without any words.

On one hand, we wanted to breathe new life into SEARCC’s branding, whose logo and digital presence was outdated and failed to represent their authority as a global IT confederation. On the other, it was essential we maintained their sense of identity and heritage – especially since SEARCC’s logo has become a meaningful barrier-breaking symbol across its multinational member societies.


We chose to redevelop a fresh brand, logo and website that reflected SEARCC in the modern era, without dismissing their history.


In order to start a fresh conversation about their brand and logo, our design team created five new concepts to compete with the original graphic.


To the naked eye, SEARCC’s logo might first look a little like your UberEats pizza order. But this segmentation is integral to their brand – the six segments represent the six member countries who first signed the charter in 1978.


Because this logo is so intrinsic to SEARCC’s forty-year history, SEARCC chose to run with an adaptation of the original logo – just with some essential tightening of loose screws. In order to modernise the logo, we redeveloped the shapes with sharper, cleaner lines and a fresh, Sans Serif brand typeface.

As a multinational organisation with hundreds of thousands of members, even the smallest rules of the new brand had to be defined clearly to maintain consistency. Building upon the new logo, we created a comprehensive brand style guide with all new colours, fonts, graphics and iconography outlined in detail.  


Drawing from the newly-constructed brand foundations, our digital team developed mockups for a brand new website that personified the core values of reliability, trust and integrity. During development, the site was made live on a temporary domain for client review and transferred over to the existing domain and hosting on signoff. Upon delivery, we provided training to SEARCC on how to use their new website alongside their already established systems and processes.


Armed with a refreshed brand and web identity, SEARCC can now confidently build on their legacy as a strong confederation of information technology professionals. By understanding their brand’s heritage, we future-proofed their logo as an enduring symbol of leadership, collaboration and inclusiveness. Sometimes, all your brand needs is a modern reinvigoration of a well known classic.

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