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Building on the success of our first brand film, we crafted a warm and evoking video series to headline Sensori+’s Christmas Campaign.

a christmas campaign

The Christmas Campaign was our second opportunity to work with luxury beauty brand Sensori+, this time to create an emotional and beautiful brand film that tapped into the nostalgia of scent. We delivered a series of socials content to support the Campaign, including 30 second and 15 second cut downs, a collection of the individual moments for socials and an extended director's cut. This collection of moments converge and connect us to the central theme “The Joy of Scent”


Being a seasonal campaign, we were challenged to work within a tight timeframe to deliver content that was on-brand and beautiful. The film needed to connect with Sensori+’s key audiences, mothers, families, millennials and young couples. Our challenge was finding those moments that anyone could resonate with.

a collection of moments

Inspired by Sensori+ original fragrances, we crafted a collection of moments around the smells of summer: mountain hikes and salty beaches, roses and lavender, red wine and peeled oranges, a roast christmas dinner. Evoking feelings of happiness, romance, celebration and nostalgia, we used these emotional cues to draw audiences in and build brand resonance.

the joy of scent

Each video ends with a beautiful Christmas scene and product shot. Reiterating themes of family, joy and the gift of giving, we sell more than a scent, but a feeling.

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