We designed and developed the ASPI Critical Technology Tracker  a tool filling the global gap, comparing which nations are leading in critical technologies such as AI, biotechnology, and robotics. 

The website compares which countries are contributing the most research, and the flow of researchers between countries at various career stages—undergraduate, postgraduate and employment—identifying brain drains and brain gains in each technology area. The website is designed to facilitate informed public debate and policy-making around critical technology research.

The website visualises data based on an analysis of the top 10% most-cited papers in each area of research, published between 2018 and 2022 – a total of 2.2 million papers. The Critical Technology Tracker shows that, for most technologies, all of the world’s top 10 leading research institutions are based in China and are collectively generating nine times more high-impact research papers than the second-ranked country (most often the US).

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