Why Invest in Professional Brand Identity Design?

  • Distinction: A strong brand identity distinguishes your organisation from competition and ensures you stand out in a competitive market. 
  • Consistency: A consistent brand identity helps improve brand awareness, creates stronger ROI from marketing activities, and builds trust across all platforms, including your website, social media accounts, and marketing materials. 
  • Credibility: A professional brand identity signals to your audience that your company is trustworthy and provides high quality products / services. In some cases, it will even allow you to charge a premium to the rest of the market. 
  • Emotional Connection: By understanding your audience’s daily challenges and needs, your brand identity can establish an emotional bond through cleverly crafted creative, touch points, and messaging.

Our Unique Brand Identity Process:

We begin by learning about your organisation, prioritising your audience, understanding user journeys, and defining your success metrics and objectives. If you have an existing brand, we’ll perform an audit to understand what the limits are and how we want things changed to better reflect where your organisation is going.

If required, we’ll create a brand strategy based on our research to refine your brands core messaging, value propositions, offering, and positioning to align all aspects of strategy, culture, and creative.

If required, we’ll provide brand naming options. First, we’ll assess which brand naming categories are appropriate for you across Functional, Invented, Experiential, and Metaphorical. Next, we’ll filter name options through 7 different criteria ranging from availability and ‘brandplay’ all the way to legal defensibility. Finally, we’ll present a small set of curated name options that meet our unique criteria for a high performing name.

We’ll gather a series of concepts across various styles, brand marks, colours, imagery, typography, graphics, icons, fonts, etc. and present to you a series of directions worth pursuing for your brand identity for discussion.

With the approved direction for inspiration and what we know about your organisation and users, we’ll create some logo concepts that meet our core criteria of being simple, appropriate, and memorable and are unique to you.

Using the approved brand concept, we’ll create a branded guide book summarising your brand strategy and messaging, logo variations, colours, fonts, graphics, icons, imagery, and more. This guide is very useful for ensuring brand consistency across all stakeholders from external suppliers, printers, staff, and even for new staff onboarding.

If required, we’ll output your fresh new identity across a range of branded collateral such as brochures, social media, document templates, business cards, etc. We can even do larger items such as the website, videos, and campaign materials.

We’ll send all the required files and instructions to guarantee a consistent brand identity across all platforms. The analogy we like to use is that the separate elements of your brand identity are a set of ingredients and your style guide is the cookbook and most importantly a guide! As your brand is applied and grows, you’ll find more ways to utilise the brand assets and can continue updating the style guide over time. If you choose to continue working with us, we can assist with items like further brand collateral, ad hoc design requests, and creating brand awareness and lead generation campaigns to roll out the updated brand across your whole organisation and its assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Brand Identity  

You can engage us in a range of different ways. Whether it’s a once off project, a small piece of strategy, or partnering with us to transform your organisation, team culture, and brand presence through our end-to-end brand, creative, and marketing service.

You can come to us with a clear brief to execute on or just bring your challenges and we’ll work with you to define a brief and outcomes that make sense for everyone.

The branding process can vary depending on the complexity of your business and requirements. However, on average, it can take anywhere from 6-12+ weeks depending on your availability for meetings and deliverables required.

This timeline can be shortened on a case-by-case basis. For fast turnaround projects, contact us asap to ensure our availability!

Yes, as a boutique agency we can tailor our services to suit your branding requirements. Whether you’re in a specific niche or need help with service, product, or place branding, we’ve done it all before. Contact us and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for you before presenting a custom proposal.

Depending on the size of the project and the services offered, branding pricing can vary. We will provide an estimate that is specifically tailored to your requirements, budget, and timeline. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and we’ll move to a custom proposal if we think we’re a good match for your needs.

It’s a question we hear often. There are many proficient agencies in Australia and globally, which can make it difficult to stand out when the bar is already set high.

So how do we stand out? First and foremost it’s the quality of our work and the collaborative process we’ll take to get you there. We’ll never compromise on our approach and stay true to our ‘do it once, and do it right’ ethos with every job. The strategies, brands, websites, videos, and campaigns that we create are well researched, engaging, user driven, and aligned to your brand, culture, and objectives in the best way possible. 

Then, it’s the people who make our shared vision a reality. We always assign a multidisciplinary team of creatives with strategy guided by our directors and overseen by our co-founders. Unlike other agencies, we bring a holistic perspective and skillset to every project to ensure that all work is aligned with business strategy, culture, brand, users, and marketing objectives. Ensuring our work is not only stunning but also drives results. 

We’ve invented our own way of doing things in a brand first approach that truly sets our work and client experience apart, building a collaborative workflow from project kickoff to delivery and beyond. Imagine a brand and creative powerhouse meets a strategic marketing firm – that’s us. 

To arrange a consultation and start the process of building a strong and effective brand identity, get in touch with us now.