Drive performance & stand out with video

  • Increased ROI: Producing videos is a proven, effective strategy to promote your brand and connect with a large audience. When used with the right digital strategy, video can produce a much higher return on investment compared to traditional forms of advertising.
  • Greater visibility and brand awareness: A well-made video can help you increase brand awareness, connect with more potential customers, and better communicate your offering.
  • Better engagement: When compared to text or still images, video has been proven to be far more engaging. Just look through your social media feed and you’ll notice almost all ads are video based these days as it performs better. Video allows you to better capture your audience’s attention and motivate them to act with a call to action.
  • Improved storytelling: A video production agency will assist you in expressing your brand narrative in a unique and engaging way. This can help build a stronger emotional connection with your target audience and create a more powerful impact. Need help defining your brand first? As a boutique brand, creative, and marketing agency, we can help you define your brand, produce your video, and ensure it’s seen by your target audience.

Video production process

In order to clearly define your video requirements, our team will arrange an initial meeting to learn about your communications objectives, target audience, and distribution plan. We may also share initial concepts in this phase to help hone in on the project scope and creative direction.

This phase of the video production process is focussed on planning. We’ll work with you to understand your communication objectives, target audience, and key messaging. Using this, we’ll develop a creative brief outlining our creative direction and timelines for the video and script or storyboard to outline every scene. These will be presented to you for review and signoff on production.

During this phase, we’ll bring our shared creative vision to life. For your video, our crew of directors, cinematographers, and production specialists will wrangle together everything required for a successful shoot. To ensure that every shot is completed to the greatest standards, we use cutting-edge tools and methods to capture the best footage and sound. Just ask our crew about the endless list of gear they have on hand to cover every scenario.

In this phase, we’ll take all the unedited raw video and audio and create the finished product. This covers tasks like music composition, sound design, colour grading, and editing. We’ll work closely with you to make sure the finished product fulfils your needs and clearly conveys your brand’s message by delivering multiple drafts for signoff until the final edit. 

When the video is finished, we can help you get it in front of your target audience and attract more customers. In order to increase the visibility and impact of your video, we can advise you on the appropriate distribution platforms and work with you to create and implement a video marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can engage us in a range of different ways. Whether it’s a once off project, a small piece of strategy, or partnering with us to transform your organisation, team culture, and brand presence through our end-to-end brand, creative, and marketing service to become the preferred brand for your audience. 

You can come to us with a clear brief to execute on or just bring your challenges and we’ll work with you to define a brief and outcomes that make sense for everyone.

Since our inception in 2015, video and music production has been our bread and butter service from which we’ve grown into a full service agency across all aspects of brand, creative and marketing. This allows us to bring a holistic approach and perspective to your project ensuring that your video is both on brand and will resonate with your target audience. We can even help you more clearly define your brand to inform the video messaging or run a video marketing campaign to ensure you’re getting your message in front of the right people. 

Video can be a very effective tool for organisations to communicate their offering and create impactful content that attracts the right people to their brand. At Mude, we know that great video production can be a complex process that needs careful planning, execution and attention to every last detail. Our team is experienced across all aspects of producing, scripting, cinematography, animation and music production and can work closely with you to create and bring any vision to life. Whether it’s an explainer video, training video, drone video, music video, TV commercial, fully animated, documentary, or more, we’ve very likely already done it before and can help you.

We offer a broad range of video production services and can cover pretty much anything from social media content, corporate videos, promotional videos, brand films, animated explainers, music videos, event videos and more. Our crew has a wealth of experience producing engaging videos, and we’re constantly challenging ourselves on fresh and creative approaches to all videos we create.

The cost to execute on a video project is mostly dependent on the proposed video concept, which will inform the complexity, equipment and resources needed to deliver a great result. Our team will work with you to propose concepts that fit your brand and any budget limitations and provide an itemised quote outlining all pre-production, filming, and post-production costs.

This depends entirely on the scope of the project and availability of resources. Typically, a video production can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the project. However, we’re able to fast track projects on occasion and turn them around in just a few days from filming. 

Before kicking off, our team will provide an estimated timeline, and our project managers will work to ensure that deadlines are met and the final product is delivered on time. If you have a tight timeline, make sure you get the conversation started with us early so we can have as much time as possible to deliver the best results!

Yes, our team of creative experts can assist with storyboarding and scriptwriting. We’re highly experienced on what creates an engaging, evocative video, and we can work with you to create a script and storyboard that effectively conveys your message whilst keeping your audience engaged.

To ensure that every video we produce lives up to our high standards, we have a strict quality control process in place. All projects are overseen by our creative director who’s role it is to ensure our work is meeting the brief and we’re always delivering the best work.

Yes, we typically allow for a revision at each stage of the production to ensure the final product is meeting your expectations. We also backup and archive all our project files so you can come back to us in future to make updates to your video. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best service possible, and we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re happy with the final product.