We filmed a live performance video with Oliver Cronin for Warner Music Australia at the beautiful pink salt lakes in Victoria. 

Fewer than six months since Oliver Cronin went viral with the single ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, and the Byron-born artist has quickly become one of the most compelling pop artists of this moment.

We travelled halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide to film and engineer the recording for his songs “Boy’s Don’t Cry” and “Exit”, which he performed alongside his band on a floating stage platform in the lake. ‘Exit’ is released alongside a live performance video that features Cronin and the musicians Xavier Scanu (guitar), Nikos Haropoulos-Smallman (keyboard) and Daryl Chin (drums) performing the song within Lake Tyrrell salt lake in northwest Victoria. “We had the band set up on a wooden boardwalk that sits in the middle of the lake, providing an insanely picturesque setting,” Cronin said of the video. The live version of ‘Exit’ reveals the strong emo influences in Cronin’s singing style, while also demonstrating his active and engrossing performance style.