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We worked with Amnesty International to produce two hero videos in the #MyNewNeighbour campaign, for distribution across national TV, cinema and social media. The goal was to educate the public on the value of community sponsorship, and why we need to fight to change Australia’s current policies. As a result of the campaign, over 12,000 Australians signed the petition, and the ACT Government passed a motion calling on the Federal Government to expand the refugee community sponsorship program.


Amnesty International is a non-profit human rights focused organisation with over 7 million members and supporters across the globe. They campaign and advocate for awareness of human rights abuses and violations internationally. In this campaign, they put the spotlight on Australia’s own policies.

Amnesty was determined to encourage public action and support for a more humane refugee intake policy. They came to us with a strong foundation for the campaign - that we needed to appeal directly to the public's kindness, compassion, and understanding.

The video production challenge was to encourage viewers to act compassionately towards refugees in their communities, understand the value of community sponsorship in their neighbourhoods, and to take direct action by signing the Amnesty community sponsorship petition.

The challenge of the explainer video was to educate a confused, information-saturated public on Australia’s current policies around refugee sponsorship, why they’re not working, and what Amnesty International proposes as the solution.


Shankar Kasynathan is an Amnesty International Refugee Campaigner. He and his family came to Australia 30 years ago as refugees. They didn’t come by boat; his new Australian neighbours helped them rebuild their lives through a community sponsorship program, welcoming the family into their community with open arms.

The campaign starred Shankar himself, encouraging audiences to champion the My New Neighbour movement, in turn, sparking discussion in local, state, and federal governments.

The concept of the hero campaign video was that Australians treat any new neighbour with warmth and open arms - and that refugees are no different. With media misrepresentation running rampant and an overload of information and perspectives from politicians, our video aimed to clear the air and bring the issue back to its core - people helping each other in times of tragedy.

In the explainer video, the video also starts by appealing to the compassion of the public. By hearing Shankar tell his personal story of refugee sponsorship and how it helped his family get back on their feet, it set the perfect scene to dive into an explanation of more complex political issues.

Our motion graphics needed to clearly visualise these complex issues in a simple way. We did that by getting straight to the point - text was minimised, motion design was clean and modern, and all graphics directly emphasised Shankar’s words through clear iconography and statistics.

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