challenge complacency

We challenge ourselves everyday to reject conventionality. To consistently reimagine our approach to creative content. To find meaning in the mundane and make the ordinary, extraordinary. Communicating the inexpressible; finding a language for the things we all understand, but struggle to articulate. To be more.

be more

Everything we create is driven by the desire to be more. More impactful, innovative, influential. We strive to elevate your expectations of what a creative agency can be. To us, this means championing human-to-human conversations between brand and individual. Most importantly, we help you talk to people like the unique and complex individuals they are.


why mude?

This is how Mude began.

Across the years, we’ve found an agile squad of filmmakers, designers, developers and producers, and created offices in Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne. We pride ourselves on our client diversity, mixing tech start-ups and nightclubs, to craft breweries and government agencies. We aim to stamp every project with a strong sense of impact, meaningfulness and connection. But we’ve never lost sight of one of our key drivers – to have a good time throughout that process.

We offer a holistic approach to crafting content – we’ll leave no area of your campaign untouched. Our carefully curated team mix reflects that. Mude’s posse of creative professionals is multi-skilled and versatile, combining disciplines and perspectives to achieve unique outcomes. We believe we’ve found the perfect balance between young go-getters and accomplished industry experts with decades of experience and wisdom. Each legend in our incredible team shares our vision – to challenge complacency through creativity.

Mude proudly cuts the edge. We’re one of the only Australian creative agencies harnessing the power of music to its full potential. In most great advertisements, there’s absolute intent behind every note, complementing the mood, shots, and story – without it, the video would feel incomplete. Stock music can’t do that for you. That’s why we offer in-house music production and sound design as part of our video services, emphasising your campaign message and bringing viewers closer to the feeling you want to give them.

Our team are constantly researching, learning, and developing their skills as new technologies are born. We’re excited to be leading the future of video marketing through the endless possibilities of algorithm based, real-time Intelligent Personalised Video – limited only by the data available and your imagination.

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