we provide

  • Brand discovery workshops
  • Core messaging
  • Brand style guides
  • Logo and collateral design
  • Tone of voice
  • Target audience outline
  • Launch strategy

go inside your DNA.

Running a business can be like reliving adolescence - it’s hard to figure out who you are. We can help you discover what makes you different, and how to leverage your newfound brand identity.

We offer Brand DNA workshops as part of our rigorous Research & Discovery phase. We’ll discover where you fit in your industry, who your people are, and prepare a launch strategy. Get ready for a journey of self-discovery.

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ditch the mixed messages.

If you know who you are - congrats! But if that message of brand identity isn’t consistent to your audience, your customers can’t rely on you. And if they can’t trust you to be who you say you are, you’ll watch them ride away into the sunset on the horse of your competitor. Figuratively.

Mude’s marketing strategists have decades of industry experience in helping brands find their voices. They’ll position you perfectly, send the right message, and win customer loyalty. Turns out, there can be a happy ending.

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