What our professional website design can do for you

  • Improved user experience and engagement with a seamless, intuitive, and interactive design. By providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for your website visitors, they’re more likely to return and recommend your brand to others.
  • Increased website conversions and sales through data-driven design strategies and techniques for conversion optimization. With a better designed website, visitors are more likely to stay on your site for longer, and become paying customers.
  • Process automation: create a custom website or portal that does more of the heavy lifting for your business and increases staff productivity by eliminating repetitive manual tasks 
  • Increase brand credibility through a professional and trustworthy online presence. By showcasing your unique brand personality, values, and offerings, you can create a lasting impression on your website visitors and establish a positive brand reputation in their minds. 
  • Customised website design tailored to your brand and various target audiences so they can find the information and content most relevant to them. 

Custom website design process

To clearly define your website requirements, our team will arrange an initial meeting to learn about how your business operates, the challenges you’re facing, and how we could best support you with a custom website design.

In this phase, we’ll run a collaborative workshop to better understand your business context, define success metrics, prioritise users and better understand their objectives. Using this, we’ll create and present a site-flow that clearly outlines the pages required, technical specs, user journeys and information architecture for sign-off on design phase. When planning digital products, we also run user story mapping workshops to create a clear scope and product / feature release roadmap. If you have an existing website, we may also check out the analytics of how it’s performing and where it’s lacking to better inform our decisions moving forward. If you’re planning to do any digital marketing or SEO, we’ll also factor that into our site plans.

Next, our design team will create a series of mockups of every core page of the website including interactions, titles, imagery, and page states ensuring that everything is designed on brand and inline with the site-flow. Sometimes, we’ll also do a concept of the home page first for approval before proceeding onto the other pages. Once all pages are complete, we will present them to you for discussion and review. By following this approach, you’ll know exactly what the end product is going to look like before we even build it and can make quick adjustments here before moving into code.

Once all designs have been finalised and approved, our web development team will code the website and bring your designs to life. We use a plethora of technologies for web projects and this varies based on a project’s requirements whether its a simple website or a complex digital product with thousands of users. We always make our websites responsive across all screen sizes, devices, and browsers. We’ll also create a custom Content Management System for you so that you can easily and intuitively update the website copy, imagery, and even create new pages without touching a line of code. For simpler websites, we can also use popular web builders such as WordPress, SquareSpace or Webflow to get things up and running faster.

Throughout the development process, we’ll provide you with a staging link so that you can view live progress on the build of the site. On completion, we’ll conduct a thorough Quality Assurance round to test all functionality, responsiveness, forms, and interactivity to ensure all bugs are fixed. For handover, we can either continue on a support and maintenance retainer to ensure your website stays in top shape or transfer it to another hosting provider of your choosing. Finally, we’ll leave you with a little training video that shows you and the rest of your team how to easily make quick changes on your new website.

If required, we can run digital marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your new website. Using the analytics data, we can make small design / dev updates and optimise it further for your visitors, whether it’s to drive more sales, funnel more enquiries, or ensure your content is seen and understood by more people. All our web projects also come with a 30 day warranty on handover so we can fix any additional bugs or issues that may pop up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding website design 

You can engage us in a range of different ways. Whether it’s a once off project, a small piece of strategy, or partnering with us to transform your organisation, team culture, and brand presence through our end-to-end brand, creative, and marketing service to become the preferred brand for your audience. 

You can come to us with a clear brief to execute on or just bring your challenges and we’ll work with you to define a brief and outcomes that make sense for everyone.

Since we have skilled in-house staff across all areas of strategy, design, content, and development, we’re able to execute on almost any web or app project employing a wide variety of modern techniques and programming languages. Whether it’s a simple brochure website, ecommerce website, digital product, or complex portal with thousands of users, we’ve done it all before. We can even develop statically generated websites which are much faster and more secure than typical websites.  

If you want to get technical, some of the technologies we use include NextJS, NodeJS, React, Prisma, Postgresql, Typescript, Graphql, AlpineJS, and TailwindCSS. We’re also familiar with most web builders like WordPress, SquareSpace, WebFlow, etc.

This is a common question and can be one of the hardest to answer. After all, how long is a piece of string? As a boutique agency, every project we do is different and has its own set of requirements. This is what will most often determine the timeline and appropriate budget required. What we can promise you is that after you’ve completed our discovery phase, every stakeholder will have a clear idea of exactly what needs to be delivered with a precise roadmap that covers all bases and no surprise costs. As we do a broad range of web projects big and small, our standard delivery time frame can range anywhere from a few weeks to a few months based on the project scope.

Sure do, our support packages range from basic hosting & maintenance, to ongoing design or development updates, staff training, and conversion optimisation. We can also add-on Search Engine Optimisation or further digital campaigns run by our dedicated marketing team to drive targeted traffic to your new site. Get in touch below to find out more.